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A detailed confirmation voucher will be sent to you. If you reserve by phone, vouchers are email to you immediately upon receipt of payment. If you reserve online, vouchers are faxed to you immediately upon receipt of payment. In either case, a copy is mailed the next business day.
Cancelations must be within 24 hours of the booking date (not your reservation date) to receive a full refund. Cancelations after 24 hours of booking date will receive a credit towards a future booking. Any cancelations due to Covid-19, city/state closures, or any type of pandemic issue, will follow our standard company cancellation policy.
Pets are not allowed in cars however written consent except in the case of service animals. Service animals are allowed in any vehicle, but guests must notify us in advance and are still responsible for any costs related to cleaning after the animal.
No smoking policy, either by smoking or allowing your passengers to smoke

  • Smoking – Odor only: $50*
    A smoking “odor only” fee can be charged for lingering smoke scent that requires removal.
  • Smoking – Odor with evidence: $150*
    A smoking “odor with evidence” fee can be charged for smoke scent removal and cleaning of physical remnants of smoking (eg. ash, cigarette butts, etc.)
  • Multiple cleaning issues: $250*
    A “multiple” cleaning fee can be charged for any combination of cleaning, smoking, and/or pet hair issues.

Driver must be 21 years of age or older.
Driver must be 21 years of age or older.
You can drive all over the state. No out of state or border crossing driving unless authorized by Marathon Rent-A-Car. All of our vehicles have GPS to notify us if a vehicle leaves our perimeter.
We Require a minimum of $250 to $1500 USD deposit depending on the vehicle. Deposits are fully refundable once the vehicle is inspected upon return. Deposits can take 5-7 business days or sometimes longer depending on your banking system